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Don't Just Call Me


Don't just call me
don't just say hi to me
remember this title (of the song)

You care about my situation even though you're not who it was
When you bow and kiss, my hand slowly, you think this is an easy thing

Yeah don't call me,
yeah don't say hi to me,
say it a long time ago (meaning: you're too late)

You care about my situation and this is not what it was
Don't just call me,
keep calling me,
wake up whoever is around (with all the calls)

You care about my situation and you are not who it was
Why do you just call me,
what do you want tell me some kind of explanation

I don't like this silence of yours at all
I'm going to end up in place of her after her or before her give me something like two months

Don't forget that at one time you loved two
I can take what you're saying
I feel that if you just smile everything becomes reasonable

Don't just call me,
don't just say hi to me, I have a lot of things going on
You care about my situation,
and I don't know what's happening.

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