Where do we go
What do we know

I wake up drain of all my energy
I ain’t got time to fix reality
I’m going with the voice inside of me
Gonna be, let it be
Just let it be

That’s what we are and who we wanna play
Well life looks nothing, you can hear or say
Go away, go away
Just go away

Where do we go
What do we know
Where do we go
Nobody knows, nobody cares

I like my feet when I look down the ground
I’m gonna keep my head up in the clouds
Where I can feel…?
Move around, float around
Just float around

We never take responsibility
We greet tomorrow with hostility
We know exactly who we wanna be
You and me, you and me
Just you and me

I couldn’t change the world around me
Can’t make a different stop
And they like the bubble that surrounds me
Moving up, I’m moving up

Nobody knows, nobody cares

Where do we go

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