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Dancing Flames

Serenity In Murder

What are we here for?
For life?
For glory?
This is the time when we leave
The pain is here around us

This is what we stand for
Stay away
We’re on the earth to broke your theory

What are we here for?
For right?
For defying?
This is my vow that we walk until the end

Reflect lights I gave out
Look at me
I am still alive to fight another day we go around what I state, what I give, what I get
So we got the power we create what we want
You can do more than us
Is it beyond human?

Now we defeat it
Embrace new life
New struggles come out
We were born of true lights

I am the moment
And you are the moment within the new planets
We pray
We try

Where must we go?
To hate?
To love ones?
This is the time when we fight against our will
Release what we stay with minds
We won’t know what is the end
Wherever we came from another sphere

Where must we go?
We stop?
We go?
We won’t let you hurt our ground
We can’t hold on

For the matter we woke up
Is it the thing that we want to get?
The wings to leave now
We can burn what we hate
Throw hate, throw hate, throw hate now

Days we walked in our hands even if they are pieces
We live now
We won’t know how it works
We can’t come back

We can’t hear it for all of moments
We have destroyed
They’re gone
We can’t found them for all
This is the time to go
We never feel it die
The pain is here around us
Conflict is undergoing

What are we here for?
For victory?
For glory?
This is the time when we pray for ourselves
We’re hateful world elements
Give away
We must go
The destruction already starts and roar
We got the power we want
Before the end comes we throw away
We absorb
We are the moments no matter who we are

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