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Back To The Beach

Sertab Erener

Ooooohh ooohhhh...........

The sun is shining down today
The rain's gone on holiday
Why doesn't everybody take
A little secret brake
As free as time to waste

Another day in paraside
Another Sunday would be nice
With no worries on your mind
Just leave it all behind
Come with me and un wind

Let's go back to the beach
In the sun and out of reach
Feed deep in the sand
No other plans
The nearest faraway place
To disappear without a trace
For one last long summer day
Back to the beach

oooohh ooohhhh...........

The sun is pouring down today
The rain knows to stay away
Five days a week's too much
Need to take time for us
Lost and found, no time to play

Friends know what their friends
I think you need the same as me
Get busy, take it slow
Got nowhere else to go
Save the day lets see the sea

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