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You see me,
It's not me
It's something underneath my skin
I wanna tear it all away,
And show the beauty that's within
Begin to
Come unglued
And throw away the older me
Just give it time and then
you'll see
I wanna be a butterfly,
Flying in the sky
With you, yoday
I wanna lose this old caccoon
I wanna do it soon,
And fly away, away

So tired of always crawlin up the tree
To fall back down again
This lovely place where i began
It's not the place I'm gonna end --
Up so before you sum up all
The missing pieces of my head
There's so much further I can get

(Repeat CHORUS)

Your wind id underneath my wing
It carries me away
It's you --
--My God --
That makes me sing
When I'm on my way
Change a little every day
(Repeat CHORUS)
You take what's old and make it new
So I can be with you,
And fly away, away....

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