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Blinded I Slaughter

Severe Torture

Caught in madness
No control of thoughts
Suffering mental pain
Floating around in chaos
Creating a will to kill
Surrounded by innocents
Hating every soul

No father can forgive me
Sins grown out of reality
Blood's dripping from my mouth
Desiring human flesh
Feasting on human cadavers
Making them part of me
Positive visions starting to collapse
My mind's splitting in two

Driven together they scream
I'll have no mercy on their souls
They try to convince me i'm wrong
But blinded i slaughter

Am i hallucinating or am i awake
I only feel the pain inside me
Satisfied i devour the flesh i collected
Ending life, endlessly
No one will be protected

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Composição: Seth Van de Loo / Severe Torture. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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