Your presence surrounds me
gives me strength to carry on
I raise my voice in glorification
and bow my knees and praise
I long Oh Lord for your Holy Spirit
Come to me again, again and again

I stand before the throne of God
in awe in front of you
You are my strength and my hope
I praise thee Lord Oh King of the North

To you I come when dark clouds gather upon the nightly sky
You listen and help me in the right hour
Nothing need I fear, for you wander next to me in darkness
and let your light shine upon my path of obscurity

I need not fear when destruction comes
I will laugh at destruction and famine
I will know that my fort is secure
I will come to the grave in full vigour

For you Oh Lord are my strength and my hope
You have ransomed me from death
I have found my peace in you
King of the North

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