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Set Your Body Ablaze

Shai Hulud

From flesh to steel...

I fortify this easily splintered bone into a stronghold of will
as the balance of man lay beaten in the wake of its ownfrailty.

A horde eager to accept deceit and more so to speak it.
Words will sear the throats of all who freely beguile.
The trught burns through my veins and in my black heart.
Breathe the flame that will overwhelm you; flaw ignitesswiftly.

A product of conceit so absorbed and vain that he thinks himselfdivine;
he is sure to die.
And man must truly be God; for he has tried so hard to createme
in His image, a formless shadow deprived of life.

I am the wayward son of man.
My fathers have darkened what was the warmest heart the world
would have ever known.
Relish in what you have created.

Set your body ablaze.
Hollow words will burn and hollow men will burn.

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