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Take a deep breath
This is what you need
What you deserve
I think this is the first
Time he's breathed in a few years
Now the air is cold
But it feels so warm
And the sun has never shined
Until this moment
And under the glow and
He's telling her so
And she says breathe, just breathe

Automatic messages
And phone calls on cell phones
Her name written on the edges
His name written on her face
As he's fallen asleep in her lap
He's looking up
But which one's the angel here?

He holds her hand across the night
And she smiles at him and says
Honey, everything's all right
She's running down the street
Into his arms, into where there's
Everything she's ever wanted
In a heart, in a smile
In every word that he's said
And he says everything
She's wanted to hear

Take a deep breathe
This is everything you need
You deserve this moment
I think this is the first
Time you've breathed in a few years
And I'm breathing you in
And this glow isn't gonna fade
Anytime soon cuz you were made...