When I Close My Eyes


Yeah yeah yeah....

daling, here we are again,
right about now,
there`s no need too tell you what i`m feeling.
i`m so greatful,
too have a man like you,
who knows what too do,
makes me feel like a woman should..
ooohh yeah...


when i close my eyes,
i break down and cry,
it`s something about the way you you loved me...
that part of you kiss,
my heart can`t presist,
it`s all about the way you loved me..

never thought that i would find..
so much peace of mind,
in every moment tha t cheir with you..
sometimes i dont know why...
we feel so deep in love...
but then it all comes back too me because...


stick: when i`m with you,
i feel so good
no one loves me like you...eeee yeah

when i close my eyes


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