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Skater Girl


Skate, skate, skater girl!

1, 2, 3, Let`s go!

Baby take your rollerblades, come with me to town
Let`s go the street up, let`s go it down
Baby we can go to the beach and take a swim
You`ve got nothing to loose but a whole lot to win
Oh yeah, hee-ey

Today it`s in the air you must feel it my friend
If you are alone don`t be afraid
Follow me in the dark and I will light up your way
If your life is a nuisance I will save your day
C`mon let`s go downtown, let`s go, hee-ey!

Singin` uh ah, singin`lalalala
Skater boys, here I am
Singin` uh ah, singin` lalalala
I`m a skater girl
So put your hands in the air
C`mon and sing
`Cause the skater girl is here

Baby take your skateboard and come with me to town
We can go downtown and hang around
Darling, in the arcade is all of your friends
Hey look out for the prams now when we go down there
C`mon let`s go downtown, let`s go, let`s go!


Look at me baby, am I sad?
I love the life I`m living
Look into my heart, can`t you see
I am happy!

Singin`uh ah, singin`lalalala (x3)
La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la (x2)
Skate, skate, skater girl!
`Cause the skater girl is here
Skate, skate, skater girl!
Hee-ey, yeah, I`m here!

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