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This Is A Crime Scene


tonight, finally i draw the line.
you've left me bloodied up and broken down too many times.
to say that what you did was wrong is the understatement of all time
and never to be outdone.

don't say a word.
just close your eyes and press your lips to mine.

one more kiss and i'll fall dead to the floor.
kill me now so i don't have to watch you leave.
tie me up, cut me deep with that sharp tongue in your mouth.
this time it's worth dying over you.

through your lips i can taste your poison heart.
all hollowed and black and marred, left bitter from the start.
each breath is getting harder to breathe,
it's funny how what gives you life is taking it from me.

so watch me die.
break out the yellow tape.
string it up and chalk my outline on the floor.
make no mistake,
it's you that has to live with my blood on your hands from what you did.

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