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Gone 2 Far


You've gone too far, I'm on my way
You can tell the concierge to bring around my car
You've gone too far

You've said too much--things you shouldn't say
You can keep your violins, your sins, your care, your touch
You said too much

Get up off the ground now, baby
Just shut your mouth and maybe
This can all be done
I won't tell anyone

You showed them all things they shouldn't see
You have lost the sense, the permanence, the flair, the ball
You showed them all

Well now I know, you take everything
Your car, your cash, your shoes, your flash, you so and so
Well now I know

And I even think it's funny, don't say you're sorry, bunny
You can keep the wings
Just let me get my things
You've gone too far

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