Seventh night, she becomes
Like something dark and dirty
I'm afraid the way she looks at me
I fear that she is wandering free
Like a nasty whore she seizes
Their sins in exchange for dirty lies
Taking their victims to delirious chaos
And living in the underground

Their wings are ready to fly
Now already too late for you to cry

Seven night
Looking in your eyes
Here we go,
Turning my destiny..ohh
Understand your lies is complicated

Your hands are soiled with blood
She has just made one more victim
The blood flows in a dark alley
And i see your face among the darkness
I see myself in a dead end
I think i'll be the next
She's coming in my way
Your eyes are already fixed in me

Their wings are ready to fly
His claws are going through my flesh
This is already reducing my breath
This is the end for me

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