Like a mad man groping in a dark room.
Seek the light to burn away the gloom.
I've lost my mind but my feelings are true.
Everything I do I offer to you.
Now I've found you we could make our own luck.
Devouring first so I shall eat you up.

Come close your eyes from this dreams.
Reality is ripping at the scenes, ripping at the scenes.

Come close your eyes at last and make yourself form evil dreams.
Come drown with me in loves deep and sure recieve. (?)
Together we'll escape so take my hand and let us fly to Shpongleland.
Together we will float away, float away.

I'm bound to love you the boundries of oceanviews (?)
Come drown with me me in loves deep and sure recieve. (?)
We wander in and out of our heads, No turn unstoned.
No words unsaid.

Together we will float away, away. Float away.

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