Foto do artista Shrek

Big Bright Beautiful World


Once upon a time, there was a little ogre named Shrek
Who lived with his parents in a bog by a tree
It was a pretty nasty place but he was happy because ogres like nasty
On his birthday the little ogre's parents sat him down
To talk just as all ogre parents had for hundreds of years before

Listen son, you're growing up so quickly
Growing up, bigger by the day
Although we want you here, the rules are very clear
Now you're seven
Now you're seven
So it's time to go away

Your Mama packed a sandwich for your trip
Your Papa packed your boots in case of snow
You're gonna make us proud, no backing up allowed
Just keep walking
Just keep hawking
And you'll find somewhere to go

It's a big, bright, beautiful world
With happiness all around
It's peaches and cream
And every dream comes true
But not for you
It's a big, bright, beautiful world
With possibilities everywhere
And just around the bend
There's a friend or two
But not for you

We're ugly son which means that life is harder
People hate the things they cannot understand
And when they look at us they tend to make a fuss
Burn our houses down
And chase us
Off our land

It's important that you find a cozy cesspit
A place no one would ever dare to tread
And if they happen by, make sure you terrify them
If you don't son
If you don't son
Then you'll surely wind up dead

Watch out for men with pitchforks

And so, the little ogre went off and found a muddy patch of swamp land far
Far away from the world that despised him
There he stayed for many years
Tucked away and all alone, which was just the way he liked it

Keep your big, bright, beautiful world
I'm happy where I am, all alone
I've got all I need
So read the stinkin' sign, haha

Keep your big, bright, beautiful world
I party on my own anyway
Doing what I can with a one man conga line

Yeah, your big, bright, beautiful world
Is all teddy bears and unicorns
Take your fluffy fun
And shove it where the Sun don't shine

I prefer a life like this
It's not that complicated
Sure I'm fated to be lonely
And I'm destined to be hated
If you read the books they say
That's why I was created
But I don't care
Coz being liked
Is grossly overrated

Who needs a big, bright, beautiful world
I've got my own little patch on the world
It's not a big, bright, beautiful world
But it's mine
Alone, it's mine
And it's mine
All mine!

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