Rollin' down my sleeves, hood up, lille wobbly at the knees
I feel queezi, my mind disbelievin'
All the things that it's seein'
As i toll through the evenin' i got doubts if i'll even have time
For this feelin' again..
Maybe i'll just leave her as a friend
But that's easier said that done when she's kissin' me and
She's whispering
Into my ear how much she misses me!
Watchin' all the years of my life slip right into the fold
Soul searchin', feel like i'm gettin' old
Bolder, more set in my ways
Shit, mama said there's be
Days like this with lots of stress and kinky sex
We smoke the best live on the west
So get some rest we're staying out late tonight
The bar's hoppin', my girly's lokkin' right!
I cannot let you end your lfe, end your life!
Show me a darker side of bright
I can't just watch you wave goodbye, wave goodbye!
Show you my darker side of bright
I'll show you, i'll show you, i"ll show you mine
I cannot ler you even try.
Show me the darker side of bright

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