My only one what have I done
Where have all the good times gone
How could I be so cold
There's nowhere to hide nowhere to run
We used to have so much fun
Ain't no sunshine when my baby's gone


Nothing but your memories (shalalalalalala)
Sorrow and greed
In the air that I breathe
So much pain that I can't hide (shalalalalalala)
I wanna try
But the tears never dry

Now that I know why I exist
How can I go on without you
You left me here without a clue
I can't say with words how much I miss
I wish that there was something I could do
If I could turn back time you know I would


Now I hope my words could somehow guide the world today intobetter ways
'Cause it has been a long time coming here
And on the final day there will be no more words to say, no moregames to play
(love is the way)
Don't you know that love is the way


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