[Shary Bobbins]
If there's a task that must be done,
Don't turn your tail and run
Don't pout! Don't sob!
Just do a half-assed job!

If you cut every corner,
It's really not so bad.
Everybody does it,
Even Mum and Dad.
If nobody see it, then nobody gets mad!
[Bart] It's the American way!

[Shary Bobbins] The policeman on the beat needs some time to
rest his feet.
[Chief Wiggum] Fighting crime is not my cup of tea!

[Shary Bobbins] And the clerk who runs the store can charge
a little more for meat!
[Apu] For meat
[Shary Bobbins] And milk
[Apu] And milk!
[Shary Bobbins & Apu]
From nineteen-eighty-four!

[Shary Bobbins] If you cut every corner, you'll have more
time for play!
[Shary Bobbins & the Simpsons] It's the American way!

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