Smithers: There is a man,
Chorus: There is a man!
Smithers: A certain man,
Chorus: A certain man!
Smithers: A man whose grace and handsome face
are known across the land.
You know his name,
Chorus: You know his name!
Smithers: It's Mr. Burns,
Chorus: It's Mr. Burns!
Smithers: He loves a smoke, enjoys a joke,
Burns & Chorus: Ah ha ha ha!
Smithers: Why he's worth ten times what he earns.
Chorus: He's Mr. Burns!
Burns: I'm Mr. Burns!
Smithers: He's Monty Burns!
Burns: I'm MR. Burns!
Smithers & Chorus: To friends he's known as Monty
but to you it's Mr. Burns!
Smithers: Bur-bur-bur-bur-Burns.
Burns: Burns!

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