Activate the hate side of mine
Look at the pain in my eyes
You wanna clue so fuck you
Wanna blast gonna take a stand
Jack jump Jill or take a pill
Kill everybody gonna make them think
Just check in the distance
For the stars that are in your eyes
Do it

The street is calling my name
A hard knock to the brain
The world means nothing to me

If you can see what you wanna be
Run scared
Gonna make them see
Do it

No matter what you can do
You got the weight of the truth
It's weighing heavy on you

In the year of the underdog
You are the star
But you're gonna have to
Activate and motivate
Do it

Now all my circuits are dead and everything seems cool
I'm living out my pain

Wanna blast
Gotta be the best
Take a stand make them understand
Do it

You're seeing red
You gotta live in your head
You only know what you're fed

In the year of the underdog
You are the star

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