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My Posses On Broadway

Sir Mix-a-Lot

My Posse's On Broad Way
My Posse's On Broad Way

Me and Kid Sensation, that home away from home
In the Black Benz Limo with the Cellular Phone
I'm callin up the Posse, It's time to get drippin
I'm freakin each sunroof, to keep ya suckers trippin
Everybody's lookin, if your jealous, turn around
The AMD kick keep us closer to the ground
We gettin good grip from the 50 series tires
The Alpine bumpin, but I need the volume higher
Cause the 808 Kickdrum, makes the girlies get dumb
We're rollin Ranier and the jealous wanna get some
Everytime we do this, Sucker MC's wanna battle
I'm the Man they love to hate, The JRUing of Seattle
Pickup the posse on 23rd and Jackson
Headin for the strip, yes were lookin for some action
The Limo's kinda crowded the whole car was leanin back
My Horadji was watchin TV with 2 girlies on his lap
On Martin Luther King, the set looks kinda dead
We need a new street, So Posse move ahead
We all look kinda swave, the crew you can't forget
The Mix Alot Posse, coller rippin up the set

My Posse's On Broad Way
My Posse's On Broad Way
Posse Up
My Posse's On Broad Way
My Posse's On Broad Way

A Rollin in my Posse was gettin board
There ain't another Posse with More Points scored
We don't walk around like criminals
Or flex like big gorillaz
My homeboy Kid Sensation
is the Teen-Aged lady killer
My Horadji on the depth side
Dancin like a freak
The girlies see his booty and the knees get weak
Larry is the white guy, people think he's funny
A real estate investor who makes a lot of money
Quackin lotsa dollars, we all got gold
Crusin in his Benz, and got no place to go
When in 23rd, we saw nothin but thugs
The girlies was to skinny from smokin all them drugs
Cause the Rockman got 'um and there butts just droped
The freaks looked a depressed because our Benz won't stop
At 23rd and Union the driver broke left
Kevin shouted Broadway it's time to get depth
My girl blew me a kiss, She said I was the best
She's lookin mighty freaky in her black silk dress
The closer that we get the crazy'r feel
My Posses on broadway it's time to get ill

My Posse's On Broad Way
My Posse's On Broad Way
Posse Up

Crusin broadway and wheels spinnin slow
Rollin with your posse is the only way to go
The girlies by the college were lookin for a ride
We tried to pick 'um up but we had no room inside
We put 'um on the trunk, we put 'um on the hood
Some sat up with the driver they made him feel good
The posse's gettin bigger there's much to many freaks
My mufflers draggin, my sespentions gettin weak
Now the freaks are gettin hungry, and Mix Alot's treatin
We stoped at taco bell for some mexican eatin
But taco bell was closed the girls were on my tip
They said go back the other way we'll stop and eat at Dicks
Dick's is the place where the cool hang out
The swase like to play
And the rich flaunt clout
Posse to the burger stand so big we walk in 2's
Were gettin dirty looks from those other sucker crews
Kid Sensation droped a 20 and didn't even miss it
Skeeser from another crew, she picked it up and kissed it
Her boyfriends yellin he went to slap her face
My homeboy PLB Cold sprayed the boy with mace
Cause I never liked a punk who beat up on his girl
If ya don't have game then let her leave you world
We took his girl with us with him she rode the bus
She gave the boy the finger and the sucker starts to cuss
Boy I got a depth posse you got a bunch of dudes
Your broke cold cryin about the Rockman blues
Ya beat up on your girl and now your all upset
She's with the Mix Alot Posse on the Broadway Set

My Posse's On Broad Way
My Posse's On Broad Way

Yeah Buddy, You know what it is
The My Posse's On Broad Way(My Posse's On Broad Way)
5 Fellas and 22 Freaks
(Random Yelling)
(My Posse's On Broad Way in the backround)

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