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Got To Get It


Intro (Sisqo)-[spoken]

See what I wanna do(ooh, ooooooooh)
I dont know if i can say what i wanna do(yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah)
Well, Maybe I can
uh,uh,uh cmon

Verse 1: [Sisqo]

Do I have to grab the back of your neck
to make you listen to me
do you have to see me flashin this doe
Or wavin' my rolly
Mr. Yeah Yeah
baby can I get a hit off you
what's up what's up
cmon I like to touch
I got to think about if your down because


I got to get it
you wont forget it
kiss you under yo navel
Ill go where he wont go


I got to get , Got to get it
Just let me hit.just let me hit it
ill kiss the lips under the navel
I bet he wont go where I go

Verse 2 (sisqo)

Listen, now baby i can be a betta man
Betta yet a gentleman
fly you to japan
amd back again
spend a week in puerto rico
baby wait till I'm Finito
Cause im Feenin
and I got to get a hit off you
What's up what's up cmon I like to Fucc
I've got to figure out if your down because, baby baby YEAH

repeat bridge
repeat chorus

(Make it hot)

Whats your goal baby(goal baby)
you and I sip the mo' and get the dough baby(we get the doughbaby)
we can do it how you wanna let me know baby(let me know baby)
If I got it you can get it that's for sure baby(for sure baby)
Or hit the door baby(hit the door baby)

I'm here to treat you right(cmon)
wont you be that freak I know and give me head all night?(ooh)
If you think somebody's lookin girl turn off thelights(ooh,ooh)
cuz we can do it where you wanna, where you wanna,how you wanna
Let me keep it tight
i'll make it Hot(make it Hot)
lick you inbetween your legs and wont stop(wont stop)
from the back to the front you on top(you on top)
Had to get it,had to hit itnon-stop(baby cant you just let me hitit baby)

repeat bridge
repeat chorus to end

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Composição: Al West / Mark Andrews / Marquis Collins / James Travis. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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