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All your hidden faces
Your seven veils unfold
Give me forbidden places
All your tales untold
Give me ever and always
Ever and always
Body and soul

Heaven and hope eternal
Over your heart of gold
Sun and sunset
Burning in the flame you hold
Ever and always
Give me ever and always
Body and soul

Body and soul

Give me ever the years you wept inside when cold
All the sins and secrets never cried
All the dreams you kept and the tears you sold
Give me
Give me ever and always
Ever and always
Body and soul

Your heart
Your mind
Your body and soul

Body Electric

Through the cables and the underground now
The faceless breathless calls
This is Babel, sensurround now
This place is death with walls [repeat x4]

Too much contact, no more feeling
The Sound around them all
Acid on the floor so she walk on the ceiling
And the body electric flashes on the bathroom wall [repeat x2]
Crawling to the corners where the idiot children call
See the body flashing on the bathroom wall

[repeat all]

You reap what you sow
Put your face to the ground
Here come the marching men
Your colours wrapped around

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