Forgive me, father
For I'm about to sin
The walls around you
They burn from within
Where the candle lights
Your lord is present
Does it comfort you to know
Your saviour is near?

You beg for mercy
Though you showed none
You pray for survival
I won't listen

Breathe the smoke in the air
Contaminate your lungs with a useless prayer
Your death shall not be long, father
A decat of the rosary is all it shall take
Around your neck they tighten
Feel the air trying to escape
Remorse no longer an option
Breathe deep, father, it's now too late

Burn the church, you pedophile
Tormented kids, committed suicide
Soon they'll be reconciled
An unholy summit, your purgatory
Soon I'll see what your fate shall be
Burned down church, you can't abstain
You made them cry, now feel their pain

Fucked by the cross you once swore by
You lived by it, now die on it
Fucked by christ as I take your life
Sodomised like those poor school boys
No more air, the beads get tighter
Look to the altar, watch it burn
See the flames rise, where you faltered
The time has come, so let me hear you pray
Forgive me, father

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