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Skin Yard

God dang you, God dang you, son of a fucking bitch!

Say, love
You know I'm going down
The fire is at my feet
My head just spins around
Say, man
You know it's getting hard
Twenty little cops are coming
And I fear they'll never stop

Dividing into more
Dividing into more

Hey, now
You know I've seen it before
Power is the lord
Right there
Well, behind paper doors
They wait, psychoriflehypnotized
My God, there's more


Up against the wall, you motherfucker
Who's your mother now?
You've got your rights
And nothing at all

Say, love
What's going down?
I see you cut your hair
But what's with that gun?
Say, babe
I love it when you joke around
But what's with that badge?
Watch where you're pointing that gun

Up against the wall
You, mother and father
You chase around the head [?]
Well, you think this is America


Psychoriflepower eyes

Up against the wall!

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Composição: Ben McMillan / Daniel House / Jack Endino · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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