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Glorious Pop Song

Skunk Anansie

How can your face be so angry
when all your doing is looking at me
chastise me for my behaviour
it's gonna last too long
and what i am now but your reaction
i'm all those memories you tried to steal
this war will never be over
gonna last too long
you're still a fucker x3
to me (you know)
lucifer cried when you looked at me
and the heaven's rained down on your acid face
what is left now that it's over
shouldn't last too long
and it feels so real and it feels so real
but it's all the same it is all the same what a life x2
and i believe i belong nowhere
maybe there are win-ners (but i'm) always used
hard to discover when it lasts too long
you're still a fucker to me

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