The door broke when you slammed it shut
And the cracks kept reaching long after you left
Through the floorboards
Branching towards the hall
Like vines that never rest
Climbing like fire through the walls
A single spark that claims the whole forest
I know, I know
It's all for the best
But honestly, I would rather be
Safe from a distance than here

When I fell to my knees
To sew the damage shut
I couldn't believe
A bright, staggering light
Came flooding into me
From out of the seams

So I reached deeper in
And pulled my whole world wide open
And for each broken mile, a billion
Miracles happen at once
In everything

But I'm safe from a distance, right here

Everything I love
Was made of porcelain
Ready to break
But the bright, staggering light
It anxiously waits inside
Like nesting dolls, the secret hides
And like every birth
It was a necessary pain
I know, I know
It's all worth the wait, worth the weight

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