Only the eyes of owls can be seen here
They are the stars, they radiate

And every constellation is a fraction of God's DNA
That we were made to notice and navigate

As the moon commands the tide to balance the weight of change
We must learn to follow all the same

When the northern lights were born, the color poured into our eyes
Like tipping a glass with the ocean inside

Into the darkness, we will send our symphonies
A shorthand of existence, a slowly turning key
The voyager will leave us with this modest memory of home

When the sunlight wakes the earth from its deep sleep
All creatures bloom. And through lifted lashes, all is new

As a newborn recognizes its mother's voice from inside the womb
May we remember the warmth of our youth

The overture was written, like the calm before a storm
With hummingbird precision, we must follow every chord

Time-lapse reveals a slight of hand, it unties the rules of time and plan
Stillness is only a state of mind, a blind spot that brightness has left behind
Wet paint is a privilege that we will find

As the wrist of an artist pulls the foreground into the frame
We must learn to focus, all the same

All these restless conversations have tied a string to every living thing
And our illustrations will draw them near

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