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Solitude is just a state of mind
Like a wave against the tide
Our raindrops fall before our eyes
Strings of faith held up so high - our lies

Losing my grip, eyes open wide
And my heart's like a burning inferno, tears are filling
Me from the inside
Left out alone, thoughts from the dark
As I see the moon turns white, I come out and bark

Like a wing of an angel dying
Embrace me with your fear
It's the heat of the moment
I'm ready, when my sight is clear
It's a dream of the day I hope for
Caress me till dawn - I come out at night

Show me those hidden faces
The dreams that once been told
Restless night as I gaze into the sky
Lonely days with a tear and a cry
Exposing my flesh to emotional rays
Tear me down in occassional phase
In a time my harp will play
In a rhyme my heart will pray

It's a way to make a living from it
As well as hiding here
Like a butcher with a devil's daughter
Her eyes are dark and queer
Is it a raining station?
Or is the white noise true?

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