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Get Down - Give In (Sex Song)

Slick Idiot

The Morning Mist Is Rising,
I'm Shouting Into A Hole,
Your Skin It Smells Like Summer,
I Never Felt That Before.

Deep And Dandy, Nice And Slow.

Get Down, Give In, I'm Born To Make You Sing,
Just Play With Me, You'll See Me On My Knees.
Get Down And Feel The Best You've Ever Been,
I Need So Bad What Grows Inside My Head, My Head.

No Doubt You Must Release Me,
A Souvenir Of God,
I Hope You Have The Passion
And Something Wild In Your House, In Your House.

Deep And Dandy, Nice And Slow.


Oh Ma Amour, Oh, Oui Il Fait Bien,
Oh Yeah, J'adore Vous, Oh Amour, Tu Fait Ca' Si Bien.
Oh, Tu Es Bien, Oh, Oui Plus Lientment,
Oh, Fait Ca Plus Deucement, Oh Baby, Je Suis Un Homme De Menage.

Your Eyes Are So Compelling,
Your Touch Is Making Me Numb,
If It Can Be Imagined,
For Sure It Can, Can Be Done, Can Be Done !!


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