I gotta story, it might make you cry
I'm so in debt, I wish I would die
I'm scrounging, So tired of scrounging

I'll sell my soul to make you believe
That I'm your god, bow down on your knees
I don't wanna live to pay the bills
Do you wanna sell out with me baby?

Wanna girl who'll sell out with me
Wanna girl who'll cash in with me
Cuz after all, It'a a million bux

People say it's the route of all evil
for 10 bux I'd go down on the devil
Drowning, I"m slowly drowning

I came across a plain in my life that says
Manipulate the past you have fled

Do you, know how to stop
Unjust lie, a secret cry
a fortune broke, into a fear, letting go
Break me off a piece of that corporate pie

I found that hate follows you always.

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