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Sister Psychic

Smash Mouth

Sister Psychic won't you tell me does it ever get better
Can you really see the future or just predict the weather
Are we in our finest hour or headed for disaster
Use your super powers and rescue me
We were there at the start we've got Polaroids to prove it
Skateboards and scars and embarrassing home movies
But if you really wanna see where it's all goin'
Switch on your T.V. she's all tellin, all knowin'
She knows everything
Can you help us find the ones on the missing posters
Is my baby being true, am I doin' what I'm supposed to
Could you help me find my keys or better yet lifes meaning
Are those tarot or dialogue cards that you're reading
C'mon tell me everything
Sister why would I tell you my deepest, dark secrets
So you could take my diary and rip it all to pieces
Just $6.95 for the very first minute
I think you've won the lottery that's my prediction
since you know everything

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