You pray the rosarie,
hail mary, pray to angels saints and popes.
All part of your religion,
the place that you set your hopes
Just keep in mind that it was
Jesus Christ who died for us
Not your priest and not the Pope

The Son is the only way to the Father.
Religion is man made, why bother
With the legalistic man made docrtines.
Nothing can replace Christ on the cross

Jesus is the only way there is
no other way to the Father
Quit trying to imitate the cross,
we're always trying to imitate the cross
Religion can't replace the cross,
good works can't replace the cross
Without Him we are unclean,
without Him our faith would be dead
He died and rose again,
there's no imiation of God's power

You've never even read the Bible,
it's improtant that we know who Jesus is
If we're gonna cal ourselves Christian,
we've got to know what it really means

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