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U Dont Know Me

So Solid Crew

They don't know how i spilf
they dont know that i won't quit
im gonna make a stop to all this bullshit
niggas wanna test me, thas shit
im jus a lil girl but i heat up mics when i flow
i start up on the mic, EXPLOSIVE!
people oughta pimp n play like dey know dis
but they neva see lady rowdy get ferocious
i gotta showdis
im gonna blow dis
HAH! in ur face ! open ur mouth or i'll slap ur face
put da raver on firi am the evil
more than enough for you
im Every Girlz Idol,
BiTchEs FiGht4 my Title,
HoEz HAte me N RaTe me Just Cuz They Aint me,
U Think U Hot N U Think U It,But Compared2 me U Aint SHIT!
~StRuTiN my StUfF sHaKiN my BoOty i am just a FuLL TyMe QT,
StOp HoNkiN uR HoRnZ n ScReAmiN my nAmE
cUz i aLrEaDy No i goT u INSANE

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