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Holy Bottle

Sofa King Killer

Hey Man. You Should Come Along
Drinking And We Can Sing The Songs.
It's Another Night Of Indulgence. So
Get Ready To Drink Until The Sun
Comes Up. And You Can't Explain. You
Just Want To Blame Us. Hey Man. Sing
A Lovely Song. Drinking Until The
Early Morn. It's Another Day. Don't Be
Ashamed. So Kick Back And Drink Until
The Sun Comes Up. Hey Man. Leave It
On The Shelf. Drinking Is Holy In
Itself. It's A Sunday Night. Your
Drinking Wine... That's Fine. Just Don't
Condemn Us For Drinking Until The
Sun Comes Up. Don't Have To Leave
Like You My Friend. Because I Ain't
Never Going To Die.

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