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Soft Cell

Who's the person that you woke up next to today
If you were any older
Then you'd know you'd have to pay your way
Well maybe you do already
But you make out they pay you
Did you ask yourself where did love go wrong with you?

Don't tell me your name I don't want to know
And don't forget to take all reminders when you go
Good things have to end
And I was never any good at saying goodbye
Because when I say goodbye a silly thing happens
And I always cry

You're looking so thin these days are you doing speed?
(No, numbers)
Have you seen your face? Now you're really going to seed
(Playing numbers)
Doing a nine to five in the day
And you never know their names
Because names make a person real
And there's no real people in these games

Pass them on and pass them by
Never hold a good thing down for long
Throw 'em away like Kleenex
Pick them up and push them away
Oh numbers

Until you wake up one day
And find that you're a number

Body one, body two, body three, body four
Body one, body two, body three, body four