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New Faith


God friend everybody's got a plan
An even eye can't tell
wrong from right
We just fade away
God damn tell me what's your plan
So I will never stop
to question why
Each and everyday

Heaven sent, ya need more
Hells sure, I'm yours

Everybody's gotta rock
right outta here
See the old faith,
feel the new faith
Everybody's gotta rick
right outta here
See the old face,
know the real face
Feel the real faith

Fly high cut the dove in your brain
Exhale with the taste of everyday
We just fade away
Each and everyday

Scream loud with the pain
of yesterday
stand proud for yesterday
has gone away
It just fades away

Heaven sent, ya need more
Hell's sure, I'm yours
I'd die, ten fold
I'm sure, I'm yours

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