Living my life with me
I feel that fenceless gale looking all around me
Proving how good it can be
To believe in something more
Helping you to wish,
Making your own shine
Where nothing can be done
And to be good enough you should not chide

Feeling the dive between
All the troubles that you've got
And all good things that you have to pot
Looking my soul by me
I can sense her presence there
Asking how can you stay
Where someone says that's it's better be outside
But behind the sun they want to shine

Living in a privacy box
With love held inside
Waiting for a better way to act
Sharing all our feelings in thoughts
Can guide all kind of facts
Such as good as having you beside

I feel our moment with the movement
I feel our souls in all good moments
I feel her kindlyness as the complement to my life

Living your life with me
Sharing as good as it is
Diving in it so deep
So much deep that you might follow and be...

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