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Burnt vacant red

Something Corporate

This head ache.. incisions
machine washed your letters and tore up your pictures

This handle.. this feeling
your hatred, the floor, your love, the cieling

I wish I.. could take it.. all back from saying the lines I was faking

You never noticed.. I never said, I'd never need... burnt vacant red

This longing, this tear eye.. I wish I could find you alone on a highway

And tell you.. I'm sorry, I cried at your wedding and rained on your party

And if I, don't make it.. feel bad for one moment, and after that shake it
Cause you never told me , and I never said that I'd never need.. burnt vacat red
Rememberance, sedation.. A plane ticket home and a life of frustration
A gift horse, to glance at.. thrown away food for beggers to stare at
I'm broken, I'm tired.. I still miss the times when I was inspired
I'll never tell you, whats all in my head. And pity me hiding.. burnt vacat red
Intentions, submissions.. an analong clock comprimised my position
The fragile.. the dagger.. still on broken gass I drunkenly stagger
The voices, inside me.. are stand alone fixtures and reasons for hiding
And I never showed you, when we went to bed, that this heart in my chest is
Burnt Vacant Red....

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