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All The Things That Aren't Good About Scientology

Something For Kate

Hello, is anybody home
the lights were on
try and switch to manual control
but it's been on autopilot for so long
and I've been working on the theory that
someone's always worse off
and I've been thinking
I'm too young
and now what
for you
what are you going to do
can't consume slowly
too much to see
too much to read
on your bridge to O.T.
but someone, somewhere is
pushing a world around on four wheels
and tonight in your town
the stars are looking down
on you and me
and now what
for you
what are you going to do
the news comes twice a week
like a chinese whisper
not the same when it reaches me
safer to see than to be seen
safer given lines to drive
between, between, between
and it's such a small room
it's a danger
and the pictures on the wall
might mean nothing at all
but they're mine
will you notice
what will you say
what will you say
any attempt to compensate
would not go unnoticed
and I've been thinking
I'm too young for all of this
too young

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