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Are You Ready?


Are you ready?

It is time for a love sensation, to feed the minds of the youngergeneration
What we never had, what we missed out on
Don't be afraid to admit it has gone, slightly wrong
Give them hope to release the tension, for the lack ofcommunication
Time to get it right, it shouldn't take long
Make them feel, like they belong

Are you ready to be part of the solution?
Are you ready, step forward in the time?
Are you ready to make your contribution?
Are you ready, if you ain't it is a crime, yeah

Shattered dreams are a regular occurrence
Killing a man doesn't even disturb us
Insecurity spreads across the land
I can't help but wonder, how long can this go on?
Time has come for us to get it straight now
Understand what it is that just can't wait no more, no
Time to get real, yes
Tell me how you feel


Ready or not
Ready or not
Ready or not we're coming

Ready or not
Ready or not
Ready or not we're coming

Ready or not
Changing your perception, yeah
Ready or not
We're losing our direction
Ready or not
To see with what we're dealing
Ready or not
To see what we believe in

Take a look around, I know that I'm not dreaming
Hopefully you'll see, it's yourself you are deceiving
Think of the price, that we are forced to pay
For our ignorance, now there is no time for delay

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