Barely breathing, slowly burning
this fireplace inside
lay me across a ditch and walk on my lips
as they just melt away

Dripping from what i felt from days before
and it's still fresh to me
silence cant be broken without a voice
"where did yours go?"
im screaming at the top of my lungs in this burning car
you grab your head in fear
and tell me that im wrong, just tell me that "im wrong"
seriously...tell me "im wrong"

now this has all fizzled out
from everything to nothing in 3.5 seconds
(that seems like a record to me)
words wont save you now and car crashes wont save me
so why do i even bother to try?
now you better buckle up and let your hair out the window feel the breeze
and grab the wheel when i let go
cause we are going 40 in a 35 on the other side of the road

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