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This last week
I slept 8 hours total
I barely sleep
Maybe that's why I've been weak
The same things that plague you
Still plaguing me
God called you to fulfill a vacancy
I tried to see why it wasn't me
So I didn't show up to your funeral
but I showed up to your house
I didn't move a muscle
I was quiet as a mouse
I swore I saw you in there
But I was looking at myself
I'm placing bets against myself
and honestly I'm a mess
With the car engulfed in flames
I am a wreck
Things I should have said through call or text
Just really been so busy and I regret
Cause if there's no rest for the wicked
I'm as evil as it gets
Thing I should have said

So when you show up to my funeral
Will you be wearing white or black
And I know the voice is in you
It's the energy I lack
So if there's a race to heaven
I will surely come in last
And if there's a race to heaven
I will always come in last

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