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When I get you all alone
I'm gonna take off all your clothes
Ain't nobody gonna interrupt my game (oh no no)
Ever since you been hangin' around
I been trying to figure out
What I can say to you to get some play yeah
couldn't we do what we did last night again?
Baby you and I'd be better than friends
Don't you think its time we went a bit further? oh yeah
Everynight when we say goodbye
How can I help looking in your eyes
Wondering why you and I
Haven' t hit it
Can we get it on?
i'm kinda faded but I feel alright
Thinkin bout makin my move tonight
I can't pretend that you're only my friend
When you're holding my body tight
Cuz I like the way you're makin it move
I like the way you're making me wait
At the end of the night
When I make up your mind
You'll be coming on home
With me (yeah, yeah, yeah)

yeah you know you got it
And you know I want it
I can't wait to take you home (you know you got it and I)
I don't wanna be rude at all
I just wanna be where you go
Think what we could do alone




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