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We tha land of carnival and murder
Bring tha drums and the sounding of thunder
Oh my people, we got to get stronger
With the spirit of war in *Quilombos*

Jungle people jungle
Never underestimate our power
Jungle people jungle
Never underestimate our power

Bring our roots, we're under the sun
From in the jungle and from the slums
Our freedom we bring with this song
Never forget where you came from!

Bumba! Bumba!

*Oxossi* - open my way
I'm gonna tell the world what you say...
I know *God* - making me a way
We pray, we pray, we pray everyday...

*Ele e caboclo, ele e flecheiro - Bumba na calunga (he is land'sowner, He is Archer)
E matador de feiticeiro - Bumba na calunga (he is killer andwitch)
Ele vai firmar seu ponto - Bumba na calunga (he will assure hispoint)
E vai firmar na angola (he will assure in angola)
Bumba na calunga e na fe de Oxala (bumba in the calunga and inthe faith in oxalá)
Bumba na calunga...* (He is Archer)
(Ponto de coboclo sete flechas / T.E.P.J. da C.)

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