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From the throne came flashes of lightning
Rumblings, and peals of thunder
Before the throne seven lamps were blazing
These are the seven spirits of God

Fire born from the emptiness
Lost souls, faith relinquished

Red skies, red skies

Thunderous, thunderous
Thunderous, thunderous

These omens, Jupiter's gaze
Visions of raising Caine
Prayers torn asunder
These hollow grounds breed murder

Drowned God, drowned God

Thunderous, thunderous
Thunderous, thunderous

Are you judging my morals and my lack of faith?
Intolerance of nothing that is sacrosanct
Disgracing the arrogant
I'll craft my throne from pestilence
Malevolent, you're nothing
You're all dead to me, dead!

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Composição: Marc Rizzo / Max Cavalera. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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