Lion Music

Soulja Boy

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I just feel like
After, After getting 100 million in the game
Aye, I just feel like, I just gotta do this
And, and its just for the loyal fans I like, I know they listening to me

This is lion music
This is lion music
Lion music
This is lion music

(Verse 1)

7-28 bitch got damn a nigga rich
I put that on my dick that my niggas getting licks
my niggas hitting licks man I'm talking tall shit
I call up my squad bitch we bout to ball bitch
I'm talking orange lambo, black lambo, black hummer got damn
All that all them traps all them bricks I got that
Real talk I'm not lying check my fuckin statistics
SOD Gang I made this girls so so balistic
I make them girls scream when they see me on they tv screen
I swear that they on me, I know them girls is eyeing and I'm looking back she (???) a heart attack


(Verse 2)

iSouljaBoy go crazy man I swear that you so lazy bruh
the opposite of lazy bruh I work until can't work no more
everyday I am in the lab I'm cooking up a master plan
I swear on everything I love I will stay tall and stand above
Soulja Tell EM I'm a beast a pitbull released off the leash
I'm like got damn I will unleash the fury I'm the fuckin game
they swear that they can fuck with me
I swear that you can't fuck with me
I swear I am like celibate
bitches you cannot fuck with me
I swear
I swear
I swear I am on top
I swear I do this I do this
I swear I am that new shit
And I swear you should be afraid be very afraid
cause I'm ATL all day
so that means that a nigga brave okay

(Chorus) (3x)