I'm back to the basics
Y'all masterbatin
S o d catchin' cases in different places
[soulja!]--im kill bill fa real
S o d we here ,
[soulja!] ,

I'm on some legendary shit , bitch , my flow is eternal
Smokin kush blunts writin bars in my journal
Naw, fuck a journal writin bars in my brain
Cuz im freestylin off the top off my membrane [soulja!]
(yeahh) all my gunz is blastin
Lyrics everlastin
Yah yah trick , yeah bitch call it magic
Kill bill i will wit the steel
I'm here fo real one mil , done deal
Got me to the -money
Show me to this -dumby
Sit. back. and take a. toast , now dis nigga went. ghost
Could've been intelligent , ran inside his residence
Straight passed the security just like they did the president.
Music rap game game bitch why would i leave?
Dont compare me to him , bitch , i'm in my own league
I'm gettin to the cheese, spit my shit in portuguese
I'm so hot like 3 5 , 9 6 7 , 4 3 9 degrees!
Uhhhhhhhhhh , its an astonishment
When i get on the mic these rappers feel like they on punishment
Your favorite rappers checkin , just like its a hotel!
5-star bitches on my dick , boy , oh well !

Pass me the candle stick
Lightin up the canabis.
Me & my niggaz getn highhhhhhh
Pass me the dro bruh , yeah we bout ta roll up
Man im feelin so flyyyyyyy. ,

And im about to kill bill....
Kill bill...
Nigga i said kill bill...kill bill! [soulja!)

Im on my obama shitt, yeah its official
Presidential, collar popped like a pimple
Old shool game..just like atari
Maccin on bitches...just like safari...[soulja....]

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