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Gas (feat. Migos)

Soulja Boy

I'm having good gas
I'm having good drink
Lean in my cup
Gas in my tank

Went and dropped 7hunnit on my robin jeans
Mix the gas with the lean, call that gasoline
Hittin' play bustin' jug, bitch it's rich gang
30 Diamonds in my wrist start my fireflame
Bugs bunny mad at me I got all the carats

When I hop out the ferrari all the bitches starein'
I drive a gatti or the new mclaren
I went and dropped 30 apiece on each of my earrings
Double cup while I'm riddin' in my new foreign
I got choppa, I got racks, bitch your man borin'
I step in kod, all my cash pourin'
Sippin' lean and the act and it got me snorin'

Havin' the plug on the gas
Havin' the plug on the mid
Havin' the plug on the choppa the beamer
Havin' the plug on the six
30K rollie on my arm
50K vivi yes diamond my charm
I got the bomb like osama
Sending my troops over seas like obama

Hit the pot with the left hook now they mad at me
When I pull up in that drop oh yeah it's they damn daddy
Shooters on go and that's automatic, bad bitches gettin' too dramatic
Quavo makes movies I'm cinematic
Lowkey with the fight like the hidin' dragon

Whippin' the brick now my hand got that arthritis
Pistol locked up in his mouth he got gingivitis
Pull up in ghost like michael myers
I’m the plug in my city, I got plenty buyers
Soulja keep telling me he got the cipher the law ticket
Ima pull up and come get it, my money is tall as a midget

And I got js they gon come back like frisbee's
Certified keisha you gotta pay me monifa
Loud beatin' out like a speaker, pull out the choppa and eatcha
Whippin' the particles, and I got two bricks they lookin' identical
Plug is an alien don’t got no tentacles
But he pull up with the batch of the vegetables
You can even come and get you some edibles